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March 21, 2017
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How Much Time Do You Actually Need To Work Out?

by Erica Gigante, NSAM, CPT, CES, FRC, Tabata

There is no denying people just always have the issue of actually finding time to work out. Clients would tell me if they don’t have at least an hour to dedicate to their workout then they just skip it altogether because how effective could it actually be if it’s short?!?6356878484537376811963738546_working-out-iStockphoto-92371742

In fact there is a ton of research now indicating the benefits of short, intense bursts of exercise. Here are the top 3 reasons that workouts are worth your time and can even be completed is as little as 30 minutes:

#1. It Burns Fat
Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of both Tabata and other HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercise sessions. These techniques take short bursts of activity and create a heart-pounding workout, sometimes in 10 minutes or less. The key to making these workouts as effective as possible is to crank up your intensity for short durations so the body doesn’t adapt to exercise and continues to work hard burning excess stored calories.

#2. It Makes You Happy
We all know that exercise releases endorphins, which makes us feel oh-so-good in the aftermath of a great workout. Typically people make better food choices during the day if they start with exercise which may decrease the mindless eating.

#3. It Protects Your Heart
According to researchers in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, people who get just 7 minutes of intense exercise each day are 45 percent less likely to die from heart disease.

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