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May 26, 2017
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FRC & Me: Why It’s Important To Me and Why It Should Be Important To You

by Joe Serpe, FRC, KINSTRETCH, W.I.T.S.

Functional range conditioning (FRC) and KINSTRETCH are systems that were designed to develop and enhance body control. These methods can be applied to anyone, young or old, weak or strong. Simply put, if you can move, you can benefit from these methods.

Flexibility and range of motion are constantly being dabbled with in the health and fitness world. We are aware that increased flexibility and range of motion are very important to our physical health, yet we continue to neglect this form of training. Why do we continue to do this is?

One, because stretching is boring, two, improper stretching yields very little results, and three, most people don’t have a clue as to how we actually become more flexible or how to control their increased flexibility. Functional range conditioning and KINSTRETCH have been developed to teach people how to systematically increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as how to be strong and controlled in these ranges.

I was introduced to FRC and KINSTRETCH through this facility, Current Recovery and Performance. As an intern with the team at Current, I was exposed to these systems and how they work. I was learning more about how essential joint strength, control and mobility were to increased performance. Not only does this improve athletic performance but overall quality of life.Kinstretch Schedule

Due to a few of my own injuries over the years including an ACL tear and reconstruction, my body was definitely not working soundly. My injuries stemmed from lack of mobility through my joints, coupled with minimal flexibility. After my first KINSTRETCH class I could recognize how horrible my joint health was. At this point I decided it was time to get serious about my joint health and dove right in.

I am a very active person. I am consistently doing some form of physical activity – running, cycling, golfing, performance training, volleyball, hiking and now KINSTRETCH. Also I am a personal trainer so even at work I stay very active. I want to continue to be able to do all of these activities at my highest level, and in order to do that my joints need to be healthy.

This past December, I finally decided to really make stretching a part of my daily routine. Just by doing my daily 15-25 minutes of CARs (controlled articular rotations) each day, a KINSTRETCH class or two per week, it completely changed everything. KINSTRETCH and FRC have fully delivered – I am performing on a very high personal level, and continuing to increase range of motion and strength throughout my joints.

My day-to-day is consistent with little to no pain throughout my body, and I’m moving more than I ever have. So if I was able to achieve these results in such a short time, the question is why isn’t everyone doing this? Much of it has to do with access, information and instruction. This is why I became certified in FRC and KINSTRETCH. Now I can provide you with this incredible joint health regimen.

To the people that I have introduced to FRC and KINSTRETCH over the past few months I always start with a loaded question: Who doesn’t want to move more comfortably, with more flexibility, more control, more strength, and less pain? If you are not interested in any of these benefits, I guess moving your body isn’t a priority in life. For those that movement is important to, FRC and KINSTRETCH are what you need to be doing.

These practices have become part of my daily routine, along with others that I have been able to teach. I think I speak for all of them in saying that these methods will continue in our lives forever. Movement is our body’s ultimate anti-inflammatory, so learn to move properly and live more comfortably.

Joe will be starting to teach some of our KINSTRETCH classes, as well as offering private, one-on-one mobility sessions here at Current Recovery & Performance. To book a private session, please call us at 732.428.7472!

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