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September 22, 2017
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by Erica Gigante, NSAM, CPT, CES, FRC

Looking to energize yourself with a workout? Want to increase your mobility? Are you looking to join a gym, but don’t know where to start? Well, Current MOVE is calling your name. Classes are held in a small group setting with motivation and instruction that will modify movements keeping any past or current limitations in mind! Translation: we tailor it to you – no matter your level.

Currently classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday 11am for 45 minutes and consist of light strength and balance training, as well as flexibility and mobility work.

Why a small group? What are the benefits of strength training in a small group? Well, most people realize that strength training is crucial to increase bone density, stabilize weaknesses and improve muscle tone. We all may even have weights lying around the house or a cardiovascular machine that is doubling as useless dust collectors. The common theme I hear of why people aren’t consistent at home is because they get bored, don’t really know what they are doing, don’t want to hurt themselves, distractions and no one is watching so they stop. My goal is to help people understand the basic fundamentals of movement and building strength, but most importantly have fun and learn creative ways to improve overall health.CRP - MOVE - Front

We initiated these classes and the feedback has been nothing but positive! People tend to feel accountable when they make the commitment to attend a class and then realize 45 minutes is a short amount of time to dedicate towards your health and wellness goals!

In my experience, anyone at any level will benefit from taking these classes! If there are any concerns, I can conduct a brief assessment with each participant to get a better understanding of their history and how I can either challenge or modify their activity.

The classes are open to previous patients, clients, patient’s spouses/friends/family, etc. The cost for all clients is $10 for a drop in and $50 for 6 session package.

Whether your goal is to rehab an injury, increase general fitness or just meet some new friends come take a class with me that will have a beneficial impact!

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