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December 5, 2017
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How Important Is Food for Optimal Health?

by Stacy Clark, PTA, FRCms

Do you wake up tired despite sleeping for 8 hours? Do you feel the need for that coffee around 3 PM? Do you workout and don’t understand why you just don’t feel better than you do?

These are questions I have not only asked myself, but hear on a daily basis! Most people assume it’s because of aging and think this is how it’s going to be. I will say you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

There are many inflammatory triggers that we consume causing brain fog, depression, headaches, digestive issues, joint and muscle pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Three primary causes are gluten, dairy, and sugar. These substances wreak such havoc within our bodies making systems not working optimally due to inflammation. I have seen this firsthand as my mom was diagnosed years ago with Fibromyalgia and Graves disease. She would jump from MD to MD trying to figure out why she felt so bad and what she could do to feel better. She finally found an MD who insisted he could “fix” most of her issues with a micronutrient-rich diet.

At age 40, I remember seeing her soaking her hands in warm water nightly because of pain when she wasn’t soaking in baths. I remember her complaining of headaches and saying how tired she felt on a regular basis.

Approximately six weeks later she completely changed into a new person! She wasn’t complaining and she had unstoppable energy. Her headaches significantly decreased, she was no longer soaking her hands in warm water and she felt WONDERFUL!

28b76e4d47b899299d42130c76cf99e4--veggies-food-humorAs her new journey of a plant based diet continued she brought me along with her. We would juice all different types of vegetables and fruits. We had healthier options for dinner and made better decisions with our ‘snacks’ after learning a new way of eating.

This was such a learning experience for me and wondered why it took so long for someone to teach us how to eat. If what we consume is so important for how we feel, why is this something not discussed more? I personally feel 75% of medications could be avoided if people ate a whole food plant based diet. I feel everyone wants to be healthy. I think the issue revolves around what do I eat? How do I food prep? What and how do I cook?

How could you not think this? We were brought up thinking, “Milk does the body good.”

I have read so many books, researched so many ‘fad diets,’ and made it part of my life’s mission to give to others the experience I have learned thus far. I am currently in the process of becoming a certified nutritional coach so I can become more widespread to the public in helping people get ‘their life back.’

So look for updates as I continue my journey and don’t be afraid to ask me about my experiences with it all!

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