Our focus is helping you become the best version of yourself.

No matter if you're a high-level athlete or a working mother -- you deserve the opportunity to take care of your body at the highest of levels.
Let us help you with that.

How we do it?

We make sure you are fundamentally prepared to tackle your goals -- whether it's training, working out at your local gym or just feeling better for your day-to-day life.

Our staff -- Doctors of Physical Therapy, movement specialists and trained technicians -- will assess your body mechanics, postural alignment, review your medical history and make sure you are using your body efficiently on a daily basis. From there, we have the tools and modalities to get you where you want to be. Working with our technicians and movement specialists will allow you to Be At Your Best!

  • A passionate staff.
  • A drive to educate our clients.
  • Proven results and track record.
  • An understanding of individual needs.
  • The latest tools.

Why we do it?

This facility was created to give you a way to take care of your body -- scientifically, medically and through supported research -- in order to assist your body in its own healing process. Why? It's our passion.

We set out to create a place where anyone -- no matter their background -- can have access to knowledgeable professionals and the tools in order to be at their peak performance. It doesn't matter if you're a college athlete, a CrossFit athlete, work out at your local gym or with a personal trainer, or simply in need of some good, old-fashioned TLC. We have the ability to get your mind and body to where it needs to be -- at its best.


Movement Specialists

Trained and ready to help you.

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The total size of the facility

Turf Square Footage

A running lane separates our facility


Our commitment to you.

How We Got Started

It all starts with an idea.

This entire facility and company was hatched after years of being an athlete, working in sports and the medical field. More importantly, this facility was created for the Jersey Shore because we believe the surrounding communities deserve it. We wanted to bring the tools, knowledge and passion to this area to help make it healthier, help it grow and help it thrive.