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October 30, 2017
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Kineseology: What Is It And Why Is It So Popular?

by Laura Iden, DPT, FRC

Why is the popularity of Kineseology tape growing so quickly? A diverse population from infants to the elderly, with everyone in between from musicians, professional and high school athletes and those wanting to move more efficiently without pain have realized the benefits of Kineseotape.

What is the purpose of Kineseotape? Kineseotape is used for a number of purposes. It provides tactile input to a single muscle to increase muscular firing or decrease muscular tone if needed. Kineseotape normalizes muscle tone by stimulation of mechanoreceptors, sending feedback to the brain to decrease resting muscle tone or increase firing when needed.

Three key points to note are : (1) The brain coordinates muscle activity into movements. (2) Taping movement patterns helps to prime the sensorimotor system via cutaneous afferent stimulation. (3) Performance is improved via improved fascial continuity.

AR-308119939.jpg&q=80&MaxW=550&MaxH=400&RCRadius=5Kineseotape is also being used to give feedback to the fascial system in performance patterns that are dysfunctional. Fascia is one of our largest sensory organs of the body, surrounding and attaching to all structures in the human body, like a spider web connecting the body. When there is trauma to the body, such as a fall, surgery, habitually poor posture or repetitive stress injuries there is cumulative effect on the body. Fascial restrictions directly affect our ability to perform daily activities, affecting our flexibility and stability.

Athletes like Kerri Walsh Jennings have been using Kineseotape for years, first after her shoulder surgeries then after having her children, trying to get back into Olympic shape as a tool to optimize her body’s musculoskeletal CZMZOLsWAAAc21B.jpg_largesystem.

Kineseotape is also used to promote healing to an area that has increased swelling often called edema. In this manner it works to lift the skin slightly to provide a more fluid pathway for the lymphatic system to work efficiently to flush out the swelling from your body.

Kineseotape is another tool that your health care professional can utilize to provide carry over of your treatment sessions of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Stop by today to see how you might benefit from this method!

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